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Why Choose PIDE

  • PIDE is ranked by RePec as top Economics University in Pakistan and 10th best Economics University in Asia. It was ranked as top small university in Pakistan by HEC of Pakistan in 2015.
  • PIDE has academic linkages with various academic institutions and has signed MoUs for academic cooperation with a number of Pakistani and international universities and other research organizations.
  • With its Two schools (PIDE school of Economics & PIDE School of Social Sciences) and having 8 academic programs, 13 research sections, and 2 research centers, with all this PIDE provides quality education to its students.
  • PIDE offers some unique academic programs which has no match in the country, including PhD program in Econometrics which is not offered anywhere else in the entire South Asia.
  • PIDE is a policy think tank of the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms, therefore, the research at PIDE can easily influence the policy making in the country.
  • Being associated with the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms (MPD&R), the research conducted at PIDE is applied research that accords with the need of the nation
  • PIDE has excellent faculty trained from the top institutions of world and Pakistan.
  • PIDE has very good student teacher ratio. The ratio of regular teaching faculty to the students is 1:15 which is much better than the recommendations of HEC. Beside the teaching faculty, PIDE hosts large number of full time researchers who are available to students to guide them for their theses and academic research.
  • The Students of PIDE are welcomed by the reputed international institutions and the top rated institutions of Pakistan. Currently PIDE alumni are serving in World Bank, IMF, WWF, State Bank of Pakistan and all leading universities of Pakistan.
  • PIDE is committed to provide all necessary facilities to its students. PIDE has a large fleet of vehicles providing pick and drop to its students from all corners of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. PIDE has managed number of hostels for male and female students. It has a well-furnished library with access to large number of electronic resources.
  • PIDE has the capacity to utilize Geographical Information System (GIS) and Processing of spatial data alongside an immaculate capacity to design, develop and maintain large statistical databases and carrying out extensive analysis of the data.
  • PIDE Library has been designated as the Depository Library for the Asian Development Bank (ADB); International Development Research Center (IDRC); International Labor Office (ILO) and the World Bank, therefore the students can access the publications of these international agencies.
  • PIDE webinars are providing great opportunities to our students and researchers for interacting with highly influential government and private sector professionals and leaders in the fields of Economics, Business, and Society and also being catalysts in generating innovative research ideas related to current issues of national and international importance.
  • Our online classes measure up to the rigor and quality of excellence in teaching and assessment, build in the personal touch for developing a learning community and equip our students to succeed in the next challenge.

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