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PIDE Contribution to Public Policy Debate along History

Planning: In the early years of Pakistan, PIDE’s renowned economists (Gustav Ranis, Wouter Tims, Anisur Rahman) significantly contributed in the early plans for Pakistan’s economy.

22 Families: Khadija Haq developed a debate on 22 industrial family groups that had come to control a majority of industrial, banking and insurance sectors in the country.

Rawalpindi Survey: The precursor to the PSLM was built by De Tray, D. N. (1979).

Protection and Input-Output Tables: A. R. Kemal built the first PIDE input-output model in the 1980s and also did research on trade liberalizations.

Macro-model: First macro model was made by Nawab H Naqvi and Ashfaque H. Khan in 1983.

Agricultural Taxation: Sarfraz Qureshi and his team developed a series of papers on Agricultural taxation in 1987.

Regional Distribution: There was a series of research on emerging regional disparities and privatization in Pakistan.

Demographic dividend and Middle Class: Durr-e-Nayab developed research on the demographic dividend in 2006 and she also quantified the rise of the middle class in Pakistan.

Civil Service Reform: Nadeem Ul Haque developed a debate on civil service reform.

Cities-Engine of Growth: Nadeem Ul Haque and his team worked on “Cities-Engine of Growth” and this research was used in the Framework of Economic Growth of the Planning commission that was approved by the NEC in 2011-12.

Domestic Commerce: In 2006, PIDE explained that domestic commerce is an important growth pole of the country.

Modern Monetary Theory and Islamic Economics: There is a healthy research on Modern Monetary Theory and Islamic Economics.

Center for Environment and Climate Change: Efficient use and conservation of environmental resources are critical for long term sustainable economic development and for the survival of mankind.

Research on CPEC: The Institute is focal point of research on CPEC in Pakistan.

Areas of Research
  • Banking, Finance, and Management
  • Cities and Local Government
  • Energy, Water, and Agriculture
  • Government,Regulation, and Justice
  • Growth and Development
  • Macroeconomics
  • Society and Inclusivity
  • Trade,Commerce,and Markets

PIDE Research Products Research at PIDE is disseminated through various publications, including the Pakistan Development Review, working paper series, policy viewpoints and newsletters, blogs, seminars and conferences. 

We Supply Policymakers
  • Dr. Mahbub Ul Haq
  • Dr. Moinuddin Baqai
  • Prof. Dr. Noor Ul Islam
  • Dr. Syed Nawab Haider Naqvi (Sitara-i-Imtiaz)
  • Dr. Javed Azfar (Sitara-i-Imtiaz)
  • Dr. Sarfraz Khan Qureshi (Sitara-i-Imtiaz)
  • Dr. A.R. Kemal (Sitara-i-Imtiaz)
  • Dr. Nadeem Ul Haque
  • Dr. Zeba S. Sathar (Sitara-i-Imtiaz)
  • Dr. Ashfaque Hasan Khan (Sitara-i-Imtiaz)
  • Prof. Aurangzeb A. Hashmi (Pride of Performance)

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