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Courses Offered and Field of Specialization

The following is the broad structure of the program. Most of the courses will be evidence-based with the topic discussed being supplemented with true cases/applied research

Core Courses

Core course will have the following three streams:

(i) Economic theory underlying Public Policy issues 
(ii) Analytical tools required to study public policy issues.
(iii) Core Public Policy theory and practices

The following 6 core courses will be offered under these three streams:

Economic Theory Underlying Public Policy Issues

1. Microeconomics for Public Policy
2. Macroeconomics for Public Policy

Analytical Tools Required to Study Public Policy Issues

3 .Research Methods (Quantitative techniques & Qualitative techniques)

Core Public Policy Theory and Practice

4. Governance and Public Policy
5. Public Policy Analysis
6. Evaluation and Monitoring of Policy Initiatives

Elective Courses with Fields Of Specialization
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursField of Specialization
PP-711Public Finance and Devolution3Public Finance and Development
PP-714Public Financial and Tax Management3Public Finance and Development
PP-717International Finance and Development3Public Finance and Development
PP-720Private Sector and Regulatory Policy3Public Finance and Development
PP-722Regulatory Economics
PP-723Social Policy3Social Sector and Urban Development
PP-726Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development3Social Sector and Urban Development
PP-729Environmental and Natural Resource Management3Social Sector and Urban Development
PP-732Urban Development3Social Sector and Urban Development
PP-735Transport and Infrastructure Development3Social Sector and Urban Development
PP-738Network Governance3Governance and Public Sector
PP-741Law and Public Affairs3Governance and Public Sector
PP-744Political Economy and Institutions3Governance and Public Sector
PP-747Conflict Management and Peace Building3Governance and Public Sector
PP-750Government and Foreign Policy3Governance and Public Sector

Note: Any deviation from the given Fields of Specialization may be allowed on special demand from the students with approval from the Department Council

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