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MBA (2 Years)


The MBA program will be of two-year duration, with a maximum requirement of 66 credit hours for those with 16-year undergraduate qualification (in any discipline). However, the degree may be completed in a minimum 1.5 years by students with 16 years of relevant business education. Such students can earn an exemption of up to 30-36 credit hours to be decided by the Business Department of PIDE. Such MBA degree will be equivalent to MS/MPhil of 18 years education.

Academic Program

Academic Program Normal 02 Years
Max Academic Years Allowed 03 Years
Total Credit Hours: 66
Core course credit hrs: 36
Elective course credit hrs: 24
Thesis/Research Work 06
Thesis Marks Yes
Thesis Code MB-799

Thesis/Project/Two courses in-lieu of Thesis

Core Courses:
  1. MB-610 Financial Accounting
  2. MB-630 Marketing Theory and Practice
  3. MB-640 Microeconomics
  4. MB-650 Quantitative Techniques and Methods
  5. MB-670 Principle of Management
  6. MB-611 Cost and Managerial Accounting
  7. MB-621 Financial Management
  8. MB-631 Macroeconomics
  9. MB-660 Human Resource Management
  10. MB-751 Advanced Research Methods
  11. MB-722 Managerial Finance
  12. MB-753 New Product Development & Entrepreneurship
Elective Courses:
  1. MB-661 Organizational Behavior
  2. MB-771 Operations Management
  3. MB-752 Data Visualization and Analysis Techniques
  4. MB-772 Supply Chain Management
  5. MB-770 Business Policy and Strategy
  6. 04 Elective Courses from Specialization ((HRM/Finance/Marketing Advanced Courses)
Semester-Wise Course Structure
Course CodeCourse NameCourse TypeCredit HoursPre RequisiteSemester
MB-610Financial AccountingCore3NilSemester-I
MB-630Marketing Theory and PracticeCore3NilSemester-I
MB-650Quantitative Techniques and MethodsCore3NilSemester-I
MB-670Principle of ManagementCore3NilSemester-I
MB-611Cost and Managerial AccountingCore3NilSemester-II
MB-621Financial ManagementCore3NilSemester-II
MB-660Human Resource ManagementCore3NilSemester-II
MB-661Organizational BehaviorSpecialization3NilSemester-II
MB-751Advanced Research MethodsCore3NilSemester-III
MB-753New Product Development & EntrepreneurshipCore3NilSemester-III
MB-752Data Visualization and Analysis TechniquesSpecialization3NilSemester-III
MB-799Thesis Proposal (for Non Business Graduate) OR Elective 01 Course in lieu of thesis (For non-Business Graduate)ThesisSemester-III
MB-722Managerial FinanceCore3NilSemester-IV
MB-770Business Policy and Strategy3NilSemester-IV
MB-771Operations ManagementSpecialization3NilSemester-IV
MB-799Thesis Writing (for non-Business Graduate) OR Elective 01 Course in lieu of thesis (For non-business Graduate, Student can choose any course from Finance, Marketing and HRM Elective Groups)Thesis6Semester-IV
MB-799Thesis Writing (for Business Graduate) OR 02 Elective Courses in lieu of thesis (For business Graduate, Student can choose any course from Finance, Marketing and HRM Elective Groups)6Business Graduate who availed exemptions in course work, registered his/her 3rd semester for Thesis/Course WorkSemester-V
Specialization Courses (Electives)
Course CodeCourse NameCourse TypeCredit HoursSpecialization
MB-720Financial Statement AnalysisOptional3Finance
MB-721Advanced Corporate FinanceOptional3Finance
MB-724Banks ManagementOptional3Finance
MB-725Risk ManagementOptional3Finance
MB-726Investment Analysis & Portfolio ManagementOptional3Finance
MB-727Taxation ManagementOptional3Finance
MB-728Islamic Financial SystemsOptional3Finance
MB-729International BankingOptional3Finance
MB-780Consumer BankingOptional3Finance
MB-781Financial Market & InstitutionsOptional3Finance
MB-782Financial ModellingOptional3Finance
MB-730Strategic MarketingOptional3Marketing
MB-731Consumer BehaviorOptional3Marketing
MB-733International MarketingOptional3Marketing
MB-734Brand ManagementOptional3Marketing
MB-735Services MarketingOptional3Marketing
MB-736Marketing ResearchOptional3Marketing
MB-732Globalization and Emerging MarketsOptional3Marketing
MB-737Export MarketingOptional3Marketing
MB-739Business MarketingOptional3Marketing
MB-790Advertising MarketingOptional3Marketing
MB-791Industrial MarketingOptional3Marketing
MB-792Integrated Marketing CommunicationOptional3Marketing
MB-760Change ManagementOptional3HR
MB-761Organizational DevelopmentOptional3HR
MB-762Human Resource DevelopmentOptional3HR
MB-763Performance ManagementOptional3HR
MB-764Compensation ManagementOptional3HR
MB-765Recruitment and SelectionOptional3HR
MB-766Leadership Art of ManagementOptional3HR
MB-767Industrial RelationOptional3HR
MB-768Labour LawsOptional3HR
MB-769Knowledge ManagementOptional3HR
MB-773Conflict Management and NegotiationOptional3HR
MB-701Business EthicsOptional3HR

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