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MPhil Public Policy

The MPhil in Public Policy is a rigorous two-year program that targets individuals with 16 years of education. Prospective students from all disciplines are welcome to enroll for the program. The program is intended to join the ranks of policymakers, managers, administrators, politicians and development practitioners in both governmental and private sectors. The program offers comprehensive coursework and practical exercises which equips the students with an interdisciplinary conceptual toolkit while the fieldwork allows them to apply and test the knowledge thus gained. The rich history of PIDE’s research on public policy issues will aid the students in comprehending these issues. The PIDE’s researchers, holding PhD from top ranked foreign universities, who undertook this kind of research, will be teaching in the Public Policy program. 

Program Aims and Objectives
The program aims to bridge the research—policy gap in Pakistan through high quality academic and policy-oriented research and executive training. The program is specialized in conducting research on public policy issues and has plans to offer executive training for policy-makers, practitioners and professionals involved in the development and implementation of policies. The program undertakes following objectives:

– Develop a Research Centre to conduct research on public policy issues.

– Offer focused executive training to different kinds of practitioners involved in policy formulation, implementation and monitoring.

A comprehensive coursework, practical exercises and field work will equip the students with the toolkit necessary to not only understand policy problems but solve them as well.

Total Credit Hours: 36
Core Credit Hours: 18
Elective Credit Hours: 06
Total Course Work: 24
Thesis: 12
Program Duration: 2 – 3 years

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursSemester
PP-601Microeconomics for Public Policy3Semester-I
PP-606Governance and Public Policy3Semester-I
PP-616Public Policy Analysis3Semester-I
PP-620Macroeconomics for Public Policy3Semester-II
PP-631Evaluation and Monitoring of Policy Initiatives3Semester-II
PP-610Research Methods3Semester-II
Elective 23Semester-II
PP-636Workshop for Proposal Development*0Semester-III
Proposal Defense**/Thesis12Semester-III

* Non-credit compulsory course; Rule for minimum attendance will be followed
** Students will be required to submit their proposal at the end of third semester

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