Pakistan Institute of Development Economics



  1. Director (Research)      Head
  2. Dean (FSS)                    Member
  3. Two subject experts     Member (Co-opted by the Head of RERC)

The Terms of Reference (TORs) of the committee and the standard operating procedures (SOPs) of the committee are as under:
A. Term of References (ToRs) of the RERC
The PERC reviews research on human subjects. All research (social science) projects involving human subjects, whether as individuals or communities, including surveys, device trial, the use of any material shall be reviewed RERC.

B. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
i. Application submission process
a. Submit filled form with all necessary information (available online) to [email protected]
b. Provide consent form
c. Provide research instrument
d. Incorporate changes recommended by the committee
e. Wait for approval letter before commencing research

ii. Review Process

a. RERC reviews application/proposal
b. Head RERC issue approval letter after completing the review process
c. The approval for a study shall be valid for a maximum one year, after which a re-approval is required. This will be standard for any study irrespective of its duration

iii. Application Submission Requirements An application for ethical review should be accompanied by
a. Covering letter stating the objectives of the research project
b. Completed application form
c. C.V of the Primary Investigator
d. Research Protocol or instrument along with proposal.
e. Budget to assess justification of funds

C. Application Fee: PIDE shall charge US$ 500 as processing fee against funded project. Faculty members/students may apply for exemption in case of no funding (or very small funding).