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A Handbook for Planners: Design for Change, Higher Education m the Service of Developing Countries.—By Barbara R. Fogel; New York: International Council for Educational Development, pp, 71.

This concise handbook entitled “Design for Change, Higher Education in the service of Developing Countries” by Barbara R. Fogel is a brief report on a two year study sponsored by the International Council for Educational Development (ICED). The study which was completed in 1976, was presented in two volumes “Higher Education and Social Change” by K. W. Thomson and Barbara R. Fogel and a second volume comprising of twenty five case studies. The handbook under review contains extracts from the two volumes as well as highlights of the minutes of numerous meetings held to make recommendations to administrators, students, faculty, government agencies, and international and national donor agencies, on how higher education can best be used by developing countries. This booklet covers eight chapters in seventy one pages which include thirteen pages of appendices listing the questionnaire on which this study was based.

Sohail J. Malik

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