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Are “Consistent Time Series Data Relating to Pakistan’s Large-scale Manufacturing Industries” Inconsistent? Remarks to A.R. Kemal’s Reply to a Comment

In a comment [4] I discussed the methods used in two articles by A.R. Kemal [1, 2] which aimed at presenting new time series for the development of Pakistan’s large scale manufacturing industries during the period 1959-1960 to 1969-1970. I found the methods questionable, and concluded that the new series probably were more misleading than the existing official statistics. To illustrate the weakness of the methodology I gave some numerical examples from Kemal’s own material, and I also compared his figures with some data from other sources. In a reply to my comments [3] Kemal finds my observations either marginal or not well founded or even ■directly wrong. Since Kemal’s reply in part builds on a misrepresentation of some of my comments and since his rejection of my objections on some points is not substantiated, I find it necessary to come back to this subject once more with some few remarks.

Ole David Koht Norbye

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