Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

Working Paper 2021:8
Behavior Leverage: Bringing Beneficial Cultural Change in Organisations
Publication Year : 2021

Bringing beneficial change is the biggest of the challenges that every organisation face. “We have to fix our culture” is probably the most celebrated one-liner diagnosis by many organisational participants whenever they come across a problem. Though, bringing change in organisational culture remains a topic of interest in many organisational conversations yet little is done about it in many cases. This may be due to the fact that managers believe it to be a highly complex subject and feel that they do not have the right competencies to execute such initiatives. These limitations subsequently lead to a trust deficit on the outcomes of such endeavours. These beliefs about cultural change are true to the extent when organisations anticipate major transformations in culture to bring beneficial changes in performance. Ironically, the concept of behaviour leverage emphasises very small changes that could trigger big performance outputs. For organisations that are willing to pursue small changes in culture, this paper provides a step by step guidelines and structured methods to undertake culture change initiatives using the behaviour leverage methodology.