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Contextualizing Pakistan's Cities Writings of Nadeem Ul Haque
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Contextualizing Pakistan’s Cities Writings of Nadeem Ul Haque

Publication Year : 2020
Author: Zoya Ali
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Keywords : Pakistans Cities

Policy Recommendations Revise current urban planning and zoning strategies. Emphasize more density, vertical growth, mixed-use (residential and commercial) buildings, and more walking space. This would stem sprawl, save precious agricultural land, generate environmental benefits, and promote more inclusivity. Such changes would also lead to a construction boom that in turn would create employment, attract investment, and hasten sustained growth. Eliminate city management biases against social, cultural, and learning activities and leisure space. Monetize housing benefits for public sector officials, who currently enjoy luxury housing and sprawled office space that take up large areas of city centers. Monetization could free up valuable land for high-value commercial and mixed-use development. Undertake civil service reform. Currently, a small group of federal administrators regulates cities and controls much of its prime land. Professional city managers are needed to manage cities for growth.