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CPEC: dismissing the detractors 

Publication Year : 2017
Author: Yasir Masood
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The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has been up against lots of controversies since the idea was first conceived in 2013. A trail of fears is showered mostly by the debunking Indian narratives which unfortunately are being endorsed by our naysayers without realising the potential benefits forthcoming under the rubric of CPEC. Amidst this hoo-ha against CPEC, it is an opportune time to dispel the detractors who are busy in inculcating their rolling over hatred hyperboles into the minds of the Pakistani masses. In today’s multipolar world order states are cozying up to each other. First, to reap the fruits of joint economic cooperation and second to secure themselves in the face of global unrest along with mushroomed threats emanating from the hegemonic powers. Following this internationally accepted truism, CPEC is making strides of success and once it is complete, it will change the fortunes of not only the Pakistanis but the rest of the regional neighbours too.