Pakistan Institute of Development Economics



Environmental Pollution and Sustainable Development in DevelopingCountries

Environmental Pollution is cost of economic growth viaincreased industrialisation, urbanisation, mechanisation, use offertiliser and pesticides in agriculture and mismanagement to dump humanwaste, especially in developing countries, where environmental lawsusually are relatively less strict. Hence growth and pollution arepositively linked in developing countries expectedly. Sustainabledevelopment may be defined as continuous increase in the socio-economicstandard of living of a country‘s population, normally accomplished byimproving the quality of its physical and human capital. The research‘sforemost objective is the generation of environmental pollution indexthat incorporate various production and consumption side indicators thatare majorly responsible for pollution. While, the at-most objective ofthe study is to examine the causal relationship between the generatedpollution index and human development through a panelcausality analysisusing a panel of 32developing countries over the period 2000-2013. JELClassification:Q2, Q3, Q4, O13 Keywords:Pollution Indices, HDI,Renewable Energy, Panel Causality, Sustainable Development

Munazah Nazeer,

Uzma Tabassum,

Shaista Alam