Pakistan Institute of Development Economics



Estimating Total Factor Productivity and Its Components: Evidence from Major Manufacturing Industries of Pakistan

Manufacturing sector of Pakistan accounts for 19.1 percent of GDP and is the second largest sector of the economy. It grew by 8.4 percent during 2007 as against 10 percent last year. In the manufacturing sector, large scale manufacturing (LSM), plays a vital role and accounts for approximately 70 percent of overall manufacturing [Economic Survey of Pakistan (2006-07)]. During 2006-07 relatively slower pace of expansion exhibits signs of moderation on accounts of higher capacity utilisation, difficulties in the textile sector and lower than expected scale of operations of oil refineries. A number of other factors have also contributed to the low pace of expansion in manufacturing including zero percent growth in raw cotton production which is a critical input for the textile industry, vegetable ghee and cooking oil which comprise about 5.5 percent of the LSM sector, showed uninspiring performance due to unparalleled rise in international palm and soybean oil prices. The performance of the automobile sector has been far less impressive this year as compared to previous five years due to a fall in domestic demand for cars on account of increasing auto financing rates. The higher imports of used cars in the beginning of fiscal year 2006-07 also affected the performance of domestic auto mobile sector.

Mahmood Ahmed Bodla, Abdul Raheman, Talat Afza, Abdul Qayyum