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Publication Year : 2024


In the realm of capacity building and human resource development, it is both intriguing and paradoxical to observe the presence of 152 institutes providing training in the Federal Government of Pakistan. These institutes strive to improve the skills and knowledge of government staff/officers in various fields. Although it reflects an understanding of the importance of training in fostering professional growth and enabling government servants to contribute meaningfully to the country’s progression, the prevalent concern of capacity shortage in the public sector raises important questions about the effectiveness of these training facilities. This calls for a comprehensive analysis of the training modules offered, methods used, and resources mobilised to bridge the existing gap and ensure the optimal utilization of these 152 training facilities. By critically assessing the training objectives and learning outcomes, capacity building through training can be aligned with the pressing needs of our public sector, leading to a more robust and proficient workforce capable of managing public policy processes in a more efficient manner.

Since detailed evaluation of all these training facilities would be a huge task, to start with, this document provides an overview of training institutes in Pakistan operating under the Federal Government. Out of a total 152 institutes or entities, we managed to list 116 institutes in this document, while some entities were excluded due to national security concerns. The institutes are categorised into two main groups: (a) training institutes/ academies, and (b) entities offering training apart from their main functioning. Brief information of each entity is provided including their ambit, role and scope, head of the department, training methods, types of trainings offered, number of courses, number of faculty members, and contact information; all presented on a single page for easy reference.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this document is based on available data and is subject to updates and revisions. While we strive to maintain accuracy, we encourage users to verify the details with respective training institutes/organisations for the most up-to-date information. We acknowledge that this document is a living resource, and we would appreciate any further contributions or additions from individuals or organisations who wish to expand this directory. Please feel free to reach out to us with any relevant information.
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