Pakistan Institute of Development Economics



Inaugural Address (PDR Vol. 41 No.4 Part I-2002)

Author: Shaukat Aziz

Ladies and Gentlemen: The 18th Annual General Meeting of the Pakistan Society of Development Economists (PSDE) is taking place at an opportune time. The country has witnessed a smooth transition to democracy. There is now an elected government in place, fully charged with enthusiasm to improve the life of the common man by building a strong and vibrant economy. While we are in the process of finalising our economic agenda for the next five years, we would certainly welcome suggestions for improving the country’s economy from this august gathering. Knowledge is not the exclusive wisdom of the people at the helm of affairs. Some of the best brains in economics and other social sciences are participating in this conference and will be deliberating on various aspects of Pakistan’s economy for the next three days. I shall be looking forward to receiving their recommendations.

Shaukat Aziz