Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

International Competitiveness— Where Pakistan Stands? 
Publication Year : 2007
Author: Uzma Zia
JEL Classification : O33

The concept of competitiveness has been widely accepted and has become a part of discussion in world-wide forums. Today global economy cannot be explained in the same manner as it was a few decades ago. Improved competitiveness of economies is a need of the day and ability to compete in the world market is of major concern. This paper attempts to assess the position of Pakistan in the International Competitiveness. As a survey paper, the concept, definition and the measurement of competitiveness have been analysed further to assess Pakistan’s position in the region. Competitiveness is linked with export performance of other trading and non trading countries. Pakistan’s export performance is analysed in this context. Lessons for Pakistan have been drawn on the basis of experiences of emerging economies.