Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

P & R Vol.2 Issue 8
Internet For All: A Research Perspective
Publication Year : 2021

Admittedly, the internet’s use has its marks in almost all walks of life, transforming and evolving various domains. Scholarly research is not an exception. Extensive use of internet across disciplinary boundaries has transformed the research domain in terms of its reach and volume. From information collection to disseminating the outcomes of their research, researchers rely greatly on the use of internet. Presently, internet seems an arena with a plethora of overwhelming information on almost all subjects to meet the information needs of the masses. This accelerates the reliance of researchers on internet to explore research sites like, Google Books, BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine), Google scholars, Research gate, Infotopia, Ebsco, Lycos, Altavista, Web Crawler, Infoseek etc. Institutional e-libraries are also serving the purpose of gateway to virtual knowledge banks.