Is Pakistan Talent Repellant?

PIDE Knowledge Brief No. 11:2020
Publication Year : 2020

Pakistanis Leaving For Foreign Destinations Is Commonplace. Every Talented Educated Person Dreams Of An Overseas Assignment. Our Officials Too Are Always On The Lookout For Pakistanis With Overseas Experience. This Has Been The Norm Since Our Early Days. A Lthough International Statistics On Immigrants Suggests That As A Percentage Of The Population, Immigration From Pakistan Has Declined From A High Of Almost 6 Percent Of The Total Population In The 1960s To Around 2 Percent By 2015.1 This Decline Can Be Because Of Greater Restrictions On Part Of The Host Countries Than Any Lesser Desire On Part Of The People To Migrate. For Example, Research Found That Almost Half Of The Young People In Pakistan’S Largest City (Karachi) Wanted To Leave Pakistan.2 Despite A Paucity Of Statistics, There Should Be No Surprise If Somewhat Similar Percentages Turn Up In Other Cities As Well.