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Keri Facer. Learning Future, Education, Technology and Social Change. Routledge Publications, 2011. 192 pages. US$ 44.95.

Author: Zain Rafique

Learning Future, Education, Technology and Social Change by Keri Facer is an informative book drawing on over 10 years of research on digital technologies, social change and education. The writer makes a compelling argument for thinking differently about the future for which education might need to prepare. Packed with case studies from around the world, the book helps to bring into focus the risks and opportunities for societies and for schooling over the coming two decades. Most people recognise that current education systems are not meeting the needs of individuals and ‘society’ and several books have been written on the future of education. In this context, Keri Facer investigates the scenario of education, technology and social change over the coming two decades by considering nine assumptions about socio-technological change. These include that in next 20 years there would be significantly increased computing and communication at a distance will be taken for granted by the large majority of people. Moreover, working and living alongside sophisticated machines and networks will increasingly be taken for granted and biosciences will produce unpredictable breakthroughs and important new stories about us. Population is ageing globally and energy, mineral resources and climate warming will remain significant issues. And finally we will be facing radical national and global inequalities.

Zain Rafique