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Muhammad Nejatullah Siddiqui. Issues in Islamic Banking: Selected Papers, Leicester: The Islamic Foundation. 1983 , I 52pp.Author and Subject Indexes.

The book under review is a compilation of the author’s articles and lectures that highlight the prominent developments in the literature on the subject of Islamic banking and inform the reader of the current state of debate on it. One of the earliest and main contributors to this topic is the author himself. The focus of this review will mainly be on “Economics of Profit-Sharing”, which is the title of the fourth chapter of the book and is among his latest contributions. This chapter is a significant contribution as it is the first attempt to formalise the concept of profit sharing into an analytical model and, therefore, demands closer scrutiny. However, in the remaining chapters of the book, the author has drawn attention to some of the fine points made in the literature on this topic. Since some of these points appear to be controversial to me, I will briefly discuss them before moving on to the analytical chapter of the book.

Shahrukh Rafi Khan

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