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Naeem ul Haque. Transforming the Inchoate Duty of Samaritanisminto an Obligation. Islamabad, Pakistan: Innovative DevelopmentStrategies. 2014. 302 pages. Pak Rupees 600.00

Author: M Ali Kemal

“Transforming the Inchoate Duty of Samaritanism into anObligation” is the last book of Naeem ul Haque’s life. It is edited byUzma Cheema and Nina Gera and published by the Innovative DevelopmentStrategies (IDS), Islamabad. The book contains seven chapters. Chapter 1introduces the purpose of the book and the issues discussed in it.Chapter 2 deals with the challenges of global poverty, while Chapter 3links poverty with the changes in international law, mostly associatedwith aid and grant to developing countries. Chapter 4 defines theofficial development assistance (ODA) and discusses the history andissues related to it. In addition to that, Chapters 5 and 6 throw lighton the various cases for and against the aid. The last chapter of thebook, Chapter 7, discusses the transactional efforts to transformationaloutcomes.

M. Ali Kemal