Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

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PIDE Bi-Monthly Round Up (Discourse 2023-02)

Publication Year : 2023

Working Papers

  • The Impact of Tourism on the Environment, Socio-culture and Local Communities of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan – Mohammad Armughan
  • Dire or Dying Demand for the Government Job: Analysing A PhD Holder’s Future Prospects – Muhammad Ajmal Khan
  • Expectation Shocks and Business Cycles – Sonan Memon
  • The Facts of Return Migration in the Wake of COVID-19: A Policy Framework for Reintegration of Pakistani Workers – Shujaat Farooq and G. M. Arif

Research Reports/Monographs

  • Sectoral Total Factor Productivity In Pakistan – Naseem Faraz, Omer Siddique, and Asim Saeed

Knowledge Briefs and Policy Viewpoints

  • Unveiling The Myth Of Import Substitution Policy In Pakistan – Muhammad Zeshan
  • Rain Rain Go Away: A Snapshot Of The Flood 2022 And Way Forward – Sobia Rose and Abedullah
  • Doing Construction Right – Lubna Hasan
  • Analysis Of Trade In Goods Agreement Between Pakistan And Turkey – Adnan Akram
  • Import Tariffs And Trade Balance In Pakistan – Muhammad Zeshan
  • PIDE’s Charter of Economy: Petition to all the Political Leaders/Parties of Pakistan

BASICS (Beliefs, Attitudes, Social Capital, Institutions, Community and Self)

  • Social And Civic Engagement: Building Community Or “Bowling Alone”? – Durre Nayab


  • A World of Insecurity: Democratic Disenchantment in Rich and Poor Countries
  • Market Institutions Governance & Development
  • Understanding City Regeneration
  • Road Transportation: The Unregulated Entirety Part – 2
  • National Self-Sufficiency & Import Substitution of Edible Oils
  • Monthly Economic Update & Outlook by Finance Division, Government of Pakistan
  • How Ideas Changed the World
  • Census 2023: All You Need to Know
  • Knowledge Partnership b/w Think Tanks in Pakistan for China Pakistan Economic Corridor Development
  • Energy Efficient & Cost Effective Housing
  • Pakistan’s Environmental Priorities Connecting the Dots
  • Corruption & Anti-Corruption in Pakistan: An Introspection
  • The Pursuit of Judicial Power in Pakistan
  • Joint Launch of Asian Infrastructure Finance 2022: Moonshots for the Emerging World
  • The Political Economy of Higher Education in Pakistan
  • Big Capital in an Unequal World: The Micropolitics of Wealth in Pakistan

The PIDE & IRS Joint Roundtable Discussion: The Impact of Contemporary Geopolitical Environment on South Asia’s Economy