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PIDE Bi-Monthly Round Up
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PIDE Bi-Monthly Round Up (Discourse 2023-03)

Publication Year : 2023

Working Papers

  • Is the Decision to Obtain Higher Education in Pakistan Worth Repaying? New Evidence from Returns on Education for Paid-Employees – Ghulam Mustafa
  • The Impact of Railway Development on Economic Growth through CPEC – Abida Naurin and Shahbaz Gul

Knowledge Briefs and Policy Viewpoints

  • What’s Your Degree Worth? Return to Education, Employability, and Upskilling Workforce in Pakistan – Saman Nazir and Hafsa Hina
  • Disaggregating the Graduate Unemployment in Pakistan – Henna Ahsan and Muhammad Jehangir Khan
  • What are the Factors Making Pakistan’s Exports Stagnant? Insight from Literature Review – Ghulam Mustafa and Saqib Hussain


  • A Reflection on Spiritual Beliefs – Durre Nayab


  • Gilgit Baltistan Beyond Mountains: Exploring the Vision for Tomorrow (Conference)
  • Pakistan’s First Ever Think Tanks Moot: Collective Thinking, Collective Action
  • Attracting Investment through Better Legal/Regulatory Framework – Charles Schneider
  • EconFest Lahore: Pakistan’s First Ever Economics Festival
  • Seaports of Pakistan and Regional Connectivity
  • The Big Con: How the Consulting Industry Weakens our Businesses, Infantilises our Governments, and Warps our Economies
  • Austerity in the Context of a Developing Country
  • The Rise and Fall of the Neoliberal Order: America and the World during the Free-Market Era
  • Disorder in the 21st Century: The Systematic Problem of Energy
  • NADRA and Digital Pakistan
  • Recent Economic Developments: Outlooks and Risks
  • Impact of Climate Change: On Rainfall Patterns and Water Resilience
  • Soil Health and Food Security in Pakistan
  • Training Superhero Leaders
  • Islamabad’s Urban and Architectural Genesis
  • Future of Public Education in Pakistan