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PIDE Bi-Monthly Roundup
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PIDE Bi-Monthly Roundup (Discourse 2023-05)

Publication Year : 2023


• Engineering Horizons: Unraveling the State of Industry in Pakistan – Nadeem Ul Haque, Usman Qadir, Abid Rehman, Mohammad Armughan


• Federal Tax Revenue Forecasting of Pakistan: Alternative Approaches – Syeda Um Ul Baneen • Is Corruption Perception Index Biased? An Ethnici- ty Based Analysis – Abida Naureen • Reforming the Federal Public Sector Development Programme – Muhammad Ahmed Zubair, Shahid Cheema, Zeeshan Inam, Mahmood Khalid, Ahsan ul Haq Satti • Fiscally Sustainable Pensions in Pakistan – Mahmood Khalid, Naseem Faraz, Aisha Irum • Public Finance Management Reforms In Pakistan: A Case Study Of The Treasury Single Account Regimen – Ayezza Sattar, Mahmood Khalid, Talib Hussain Baloch


• Situation of Brain Drain in Pakistan, with a focus on the Healthcare Sector – Sameen Zafar


• Reforms for a Brighter Future: Time to Decide | A Conversation on Pakistan’s Development Priorities • Fixing Fiscal Policy (Round Table Conference at PIDE) • Basic Demographic Methods andTechniques (Train- ing Workshop) • Groundbreaking Ceremony of PIDE’s Building • Conceptualizing Writing a Thesis • Elite Bargains and Implications for Development in Pakistan • Markets and Regulations: Why Investment Remains Low in Pakistan? • On the Relevance of Mainstream Economics of the North to the South – Prof. Mohammed Ali Khan (John Hopkins University) • Pakistan’s Continued System Failure… What Next? • Competition Law in South Asia – Dr. Amber Darr (Book Launch) • Decisions about Decisions • White Saviorism in International Development: Theories, Practices and Lived Experiences (Book Launch) • Working Innovatively – Augmenting Partnerships • Diplomatic Footprints (Book Launch) • Exploring Privatization for Electricity Distribution Efficiency