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Pide Roundtables On "Education"
Webinars Brief 03:2020
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Pide Roundtables On “Education”

Publication Year : 2020
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Pakistan Institute of Development Economics is holding a week-long discussion on education and I think it’s a very important gathering because nothing is more important than education. We keep saying that but we seldom follow it down and now the time has come. Because this government is taking some special initiatives on education. We are trying to reduce the disparity between a class-based education through the introduction of a single national curriculum which is an important initiative to reduce disparities and to somehow try and level the playing field for everybody. But then there are large number of other issues an outstanding response of our government has been on online education and teddy school during the times of covid. There are very few countries who reacted to covid and managed education in this period, as well as, this government has done but there is more to be done and more to be discussed.