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Sara Rizvi Jafree (Ed.). The Sociology of South Asian Women’s Health

Author: Saman Nazir

In this lucidly written book, The Sociology of South Asian Women’s Health, Sara Rizvi Jafree, emphasises how health policies have left out the cultural knowledge about the unique circumstances and experiences of South Asian women. The author deftly explored the importance of re-conceptualising health policy development with a culturally and socially appropriate background for women in South Asia. In the introductory chapter of the book, Jafree starts by giving a concise structural description of how South Asian women’s health behaviour and health outcomes are affected by social systems of family, gender, faith, culture, government, schooling, and the media. Sara Rizvi Jafree aims to connect health policy efforts with knowledge of socio-environment and structural factors to propose better health policies for women. The book consists of nine chapters that are co-authored by different scholars with Jafree.

Saman Nazir