P & R Vol.2 Issue 8
Social Media And Covid-19
Publication Year : 2021

The World has witnessed the evolution of Media from a piece of paper to wireless societies. With the development of technology, Media has transformed into multiple types. Furthermore, globalization has led to innovation and enhanced forms of media, ranging from the printing press to digital media. As important as it is. media has also been titled as the “fourth pillar of democracy” by the Victorian writer, Thomas Carlyle. It functions as a watchdog in the political operations of any democracy; this is what it has been doing in Pakistan. More recently, media can be seen in the form of social media applications that have taken their place in the information society. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are among the more active applications in informing the masses about current affairs and daily social issues than the news channels themselves. The official hours leave less time to go through a newspaper; this is where social media floods in. Due to social media, we know how provincial governments are responding to the Covid-19 crises in the country. From the activities in the Parliament to the ebb and flow of the social sector of Pakistan, social media has covered it all for us. However, the openness of social media has its cons as well.