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The Iraq-Kuwait Conflict and the Developmental Scenario to thePeninsula Arab Countries

The press and news media has dealt with the recent Iraq-Kuwaitconflict in an exhaustive manner. This was quite natural because theworld is at present witnessing an information explosion, never known tohuman history before. Despite all this, there are, however, reasons tobelieve that most of the analysis presented in various dispatches andreports have not been able to deal with the core issues which haveescaped the attention of the writers. This was perhaps quite naturalbecause a critical assessment of a certain event can only be done iffacts are known and there is in addition a continuous engagement of theexperts with the problem under discussion. But this approach may alsonot be the right one to deal with a crisis which has many a dimensionand can, therefore, be looked at from different angles. The crisis underdiscussion is one which has a global character and can therefore beinterpreted in one way or another depending on the writer’s ownintellectual commitment or vested interests. As such, it is thisconfusing aspect of the exercise which does not allow a purely objectiveassessment of the problem. Despite this shortcoming, there, is, however,the desperate need to look at the issue in an objective manner and inconformity with the contemporary spirit governing the various politicalconstellations and their specific thrusts.

M. A. Hussein Muluck

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