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Transforming Economy & Society

Publication Year : 2023
Author: PIDE


1- Much Needed Political Stability

2- Public Administration for the 21st Century

3- Trade and Openness: Competing Globally

4- Social Infrastructure

5- Cities – Engines of Growth

6- Energizing the Future

7- Developing Markets

8- Fiscal Management

9- Changing the Population Paradigm

10- Building a Cohesive Community and Society

THEME 1: Much Needed Political Stability

  • Everything – the Senate, the President, and all levels of government – is decided in a single general election.
  • Extravagant political campaigns, fueled by substantial resources, exclude common citizens from the political arena.
  • Lawmakers, instead of prioritizing legislative activities, often exhibit a disproportionate enthusiasm for development projects and securing executive positions
  • Misuse of reserved seats for women and minorities


Essence of Political Parties

  • Increase the minimum support criterion to form a political party, say 50,000 registered members
  • Regular intra-party elections, once every 3 years
  • Ticket distribution mechanism – collective decision, gender, minority…

Democracy in Action: The Crucible of Electoral Dynamics

  • Reduce constitutional term to 4 years!
  • Every year should be an election year – national, provincial, & local
  • Every seat in the Parliament should be contested!
  • Consider NOTA, minimum voters’ turnout/vote, etc.
  • Eliminate interim government practice
  • Ensure independence of the Election Commission of Pakistan
  • No contesting on multiple seats OR runner’s up wins!
  • Reserved seats for overseas Pakistanis
  • KPIs for Parliamentarians – attendance and participation in debates

Democratizing Election Campaigns

  • Campaigns expenditure limits – Rationalize and enforce
  • Public debate between candidates on issues and policy
  • Electronic (EVM)/Online Voting mechanism

A More Democratic Legislative/Parliament

  • Term and family limits for parliamentarians must be introduced
  • Legislators must be legislators only!
  • No development funds through a single member – Parliament decides
  • Parliament must not be taken as a path to minister-ship
  • Members of Parliament must attend all parliamentary meetings
  • Governance through Ordinance should be stopped!

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