Pakistan Institute of Development Economics


Human Resource & Leadership Challenges in Pakistan

Date : May 12, 2020 at 11:00 am
Moderator: Dr. Nadeem ul Haq (Vice Chancellor PIDE)
Presenter: Sheikh Imran ul Haque, Tahir Jawad, Dr. Khurram Tariq, Sadia Haroon, Amja Iqbal

Pakistan is experiencing mysterious eczema. On the one hand, Pakistan is the fifth most populous country in the world, on the other side, we have fallen in the steep unemployment rate. Both the private and public sectors are facing multifaceted challenges in finding well-equipped human resources who have futuristic and visionary thoughts. The most baffling dilemma is that our educational institutes and organisations are producing clerks rather than leaders. Pakistan surprised everyone in terms of population demographics as the 43 percent of our population is under the age of 15 years and 53 percent between 16 and 64 years of age. Moreover, with 58 percent of literacy rate, still we are unable to find the right person for the right place, unfortunately. We are far ahead in terms of quantity and similarly far behind in quality. The Parchi (reference) culture and Seth culture in public and private sectors, respectively, destroying our economy, equally.