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Reading for Leading

Event Date : Thursday, April 28, 2022 at 11:00-13:00

Reading for Leading

What exactly do human beings get from reading books? Is it just a matter of pleasure, or are there benefits beyond enjoyment? The scientific answer is a resounding “yes.” Apart from leisure, leading scientist, thinkers and leaders indulged themselves in seminal works of fiction and poetry. Science has been borrowing ideas and inspiration from novels and poems. This online coaching session will highlight the importance of reading, how we can become a good book reader, how we can choose a good book out of infinite number of text out there and specifically how novels and poems can help us in our relevant field of work

Who should attend

The session is open for everyone interested in improving reading habit. Ideally, the session would be more valuable for candidates having interest in convergence of literature and science.

Date & Venue:

28th April, 2022


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