The following is the broad structure of the program. Most of the courses will be evidence-based with the topic discussed being supplemented with true cases/applied research

Core Courses

Core course will have the following three streams:
(i)    Economic theory underlying Public Policy issues
(ii)    Analytical tools required to study public policy issues.
(iii)    Core Public Policy theory and practices

The following 8 core courses will be offered under these three streams:

Economic Theory Underlying Public Policy Issues

1.    Microeconomics for Public Policy
2.    Macroeconomics for Public Policy

Analytical Tools Required to Study Public Policy Issues

3.    Quantitative techniques
4.    Qualitative techniques

Core Public Policy Theory and Practice

5.    Issues in Public Policy
6.    Power, Politics, and Policy Process
7.    Network Governance
8.    Governance and Institutions

List of (proposed) elective courses: (Please note this is a broad list, around 8-10 courses out of this list will be offered. The students will have to pick 4 courses out of the electives offered)
1.    Devolution and Local Development
2.    Project Planning and Monitoring
3.    Political Institutions and Development
4.    Social Policy
5.    Urban Development and Public Policy
6.    Public Finance
7.    Law and Public Affairs
8.    Environment and Natural Resource Management
9.    International Finance and Development
10.    Regulatory Policy and Sectoral Development
11.    Conflict and Public Policy
12.    Media and Public Policy
13.    Crime and Justice 
14.    Pakistan Government, Politics and Foreign Policy



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