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Sovereign Debt Restructuring: Reduction, Conversion, Rescheduling
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Sovereign Debt Restructuring: Reduction, Conversion, Rescheduling

Publication Year : 2023

Table of Contents



How to avoid a Lost Decade? By Murtaza Syed

Pakistan’s Political Business Cycle and External Debt Dilemma. By Farrukh Iqbal

Inflation and Sovereign Debt in Pakistan. By Juvaria Jafri

Debt to Nature Swaps and The Triple E Crises of Pakistan. By Khalid Waleed

Debt Restructuring A Ruse Peddled as a Solution. By Shahid Mehmood

Sovereign Debt Restructuring: A Hard Pill to Swallow for Pakistan. By Maria Syed

Current Affairs & International Relations

The Saudi Iran Reapproachment and its implications for Pakistan. By Rabia Akhtar

Sucking Pakistan into a Whirpool of Rising Internet Rates. By Shahid Sattar & Ureeda Majeed

The Saudi Iranians Détente. By Ayesha Malik

Political Polarisation. By Wajhullah Fahim & Muhammad Junaid


Should Pakistan Move Towards Early Elections?

Is Delaying Elections an Option? By Ahmed Bilal Mehboob

Elections should under no circumstances be Delayed. By Waqas Ahmed



Rethinking Economics. By Sundus Saleemi

Women in Politics and the Trinity of Men, Military & Mullah. By Huda Bhurgri

Wanted: A Pakistani Community of Economics Heterodoxy. By Daniyal Khan

PSDP in Pakistan: A History of Unfulfilled Socio-Economic Objectives. By Muazzam Ali


Communalism Turned Inside: Jinnah’s Pakistan. By Ishtiaq Ahmed

Language and Education Policies and Power in Pakistan. By Tariq Rahman


Why Scale Matters. By Shahid Sattar & Amna Urooj

Misguided Attack on TERF. By Gohar Ejaz


The Evolution and Future of Pakistani Cricket: A Fireside Chat with Mirza Iqbal Baig

Evolution of Cricket: From a Game of Amateurs To a Billion-Dollar Market. By Waseem Abbas

Arts and Culture

Debating Festivals: Do We Need More? By Jasir Shahbaz

Divided Curtains and Sweet Symphonies: Pre Partition Punjab’s Contribution to Indian Cinema. By Waqas Manzoor

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