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Pakistan Development Review

 2015, Volume 54, Issue 4

 2015, Volume 54, Issue 3

 2015, Volume 54, Issue 2

 2015, Volume 54, Issue 1

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  Poverty and Social Dynamics Paper Series


   Poverty and Social Dynamics Paper Series 1
Pakistan Panel Household Survey Sample Size, Attrition and Socio-demographic Dynamics
by Durr-e-Nayab and G. M. Arif
   Poverty and Social Dynamics Paper Series 2
Rural Poverty Dynamics in Pakistan: Evidence from Three Waves of the Panel Survey
by G. M. Arif and Shujaat Farooq
Working Paper  Poverty and Social Dynamics Paper Series 3
Child Malnutrition and Poverty: The Case of Pakistan
by G. M. Arif, Shujaat Farooq, Saman Nazir and Maryam Naeem Satti
   Poverty and Social Dynamics Paper Series 4
Effectiveness of Cash Transfer Programmes for Household Welfare in Pakistan: The Case of the Benazir Income Support Programme
by Durr-e-Nayab and Shujaat Farooq
   Poverty and Social Dynamics Paper Series 5
Intergenerational Mobility: Evidence from Pakistan Panel Household Survey
by Sajid Amin Javed and Mohammad Irfan
   Poverty and Social Dynamics Paper Series 6
Shocks as a Source of Vulnerability: An Empirical Investigation from Pakistan
by Rashida Haq
   Poverty and Social Dynamics Paper Series 7
Welfare Impact of the Health Intervention in Pakistan: The Case of Lady Health Workers Programme
by G. M. Arif, Durr-e-Nayab, Shujaat Farooq, Saman Nazir and Maryam Naeem Satti


 History of PIDE Series-6
   A Review of Studies on Poverty in Pakistan:
Origin, Evolution, Thematic Content and Future Directions by S. M. Naseem
 History of PIDE Series-5
   A Review of the Labour Market Research at PIDE 1957-2009 by Muhammad Irfan
 History of PIDE Series-4
 History of PIDE Series-3
   PIDE’s Contribution to Policy-making by A. R. Kemal
 History of PIDE Series-2
   PIDE’s Contribution to Development Thinking: The Earlier Phase by A. R. Khan
 History of PIDE Series-1


Working Papers

Working Paper

Opening the Black Box: Managing the Aid Policy Process in Pakistan 2017:149
Faheem Jehangir Khan, PIDE, Islamabad

Remittances for Growth: Initiatives for Remitters and Remittances 2017:147
Atiq ur Rehman, PIDE, Islamabad

Daily Stock Market Movements: From the Lens of News and Events 2017:146
Shahid Raza, PIDE, Islamabad
M. Ali Kemal, PIDE, Islamabad

Exploring the Structure and Performance of Petroleum Retail Outlets in Pakistan 2016: 145
Omer Siddique, PIDE, Islamabad
Ahmed Waqar Qasim, PIDE, Islamabad
Hafiz Hanzla Jalil, PIDE, Islamabad


PIDE Business Barometer


 PIDE Business Barometer, Issue 10, August, 2012

 PIDE Business Barometer, Issue 9, October, 2011

 PIDE Business Barometer, Issue 8, April, 2011

 PIDE Business Barometer, Issue 7, November, 2010

 PIDE Business Barometer, Issue 6, September, 2009


PIDE Monograph Series


 Pakistan’s Energy Sector: From Crisis to Crisis-Breaking the Chain (2012) by Ziad Alahdad

Poverty Reduction in Pakistan: Learning from the Experience of China (2012) by G. M. Arif and Shujaat Farooq

 Power Crisis in Pakistan: A Crisis in Governance? (2012) by Afia Malik

 Economic and Social Impact of Financial Crisis on Households: A Case Study of Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal (2011) by Zafar Mueen Nasir

 Economic and Social Impact of Global Financial Crisis: Implications for Macroeconomic and Development Policies in South Asia (2010) by Rashid Amjad and Musleh ud Din

 Pension System Reforms for Pakistan: Current Situation and Future Prospects (2010) by Umaima Arif and Eatzaz Ahmed

PIDE View Point

   PIDE Viewpoint, October 2011 


   An Analysis of Sample Attrition in the PSES Panel Data (No. 20) by G. M. Arif, Faiz Bilquees
   Chronic and Transitory Poverty in Pakistan: Evidence from a Longitudinal Household Survey (No. 19) by G. M. Arif, Faiz Bilquees
   Ageing and Poverty in Pakistan (No. 18) by Syed Mubashir Ali, Mohammad Framurz K. Kiani



PIDE Policy View Point


PIDE Policy Viewpoint

 PIDE Policy Viewpoint No. 4, April 2007: Improving the Quality of Population Census 2008 (English Version) (Urdu Version)

 PIDE Policy Viewpoint No. 3, March 2007: Establishing Property Rights through a Secure System of Land Title Management (English Version) (Urdu Version)


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