Division 1. Public Policy, Governance

Head: Dr. Musleh ud Din, Professor

Ms. Lubna Hasan Senior Research Economist
Dr. Muhammad Idrees Khawaja Senior Research Economist
Dr. Nasir Iqbal Assistant Professor
Dr. Faheem Jehangir Khan Senior Research Economist
Dr. Usman Qadir Senior Research Economist
Mr. Omer Siddique Research Economist
Mr. Ahmed Waqar Qasim Research Economist
Ms. Unbreen Qayyum Staff Economist

Division II. Macroeconomics and Growth

Head: Dr. Abdul Qayyum, Joint Director

Dr. Rizwana Siddiqui Senior Research Economist
Dr. Ayaz Ahmed Senior Research Economist
Mr. Muhammad Ali Kemal Research Economist
Ms. Saba Anwar Research Economist
Mr. Muhammad Azhar Research Economist
Dr. Hafsa Hina Assistant Professor
Ms. Henna Ahsan Research Economist
Mr. Haider Ali Lecturer (Economics)
Research of 5 years of Macroeconomic and Growth Division

Division III: Trade and Industry

Head: Dr. Ejaz Ghani, Professor

Dr. Fazal Hussain Joint Director
Dr. Tariq Mahmood Senior Research Economist
Ms. Afia Malik Senior Research Economist
Dr. Karim Khan Assistant Professor
Mr. Muhammad Ali Qasim Research Economist
Ms. Madeeha Gohar Qureshi Research Economist
Mr. Adnan Akram Research Economist
Ms. Nadia Zakir Staff Economist
Mr. Akbar Ullah Staff Economist

Division IV: Agriculture and Environment

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Chief of Research
Dr. Junaid Alam Memon Assistant Professor
Dr. Muhammad Jehangir Khan Assistant Professor
Ms. Uzma Zia Research Economist
Mr. Hafiz Hanzla Jalil Research Economist
Mr. Abdus Sattar Staff Economist
Ms. Sundus Saleemi Staff Economist
Ms. Rafat Mahmood Staff Economist

Division V: Population, Poverty and Labour Market Dynamics

Dr. Durr-e-Nayab Joint Director
Ms. Rashida Haq Senior Research Economist
Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Assistant Professor
Dr. Rizwan ul Haq (on leave) Assistant Professor
Dr. Shujaat Farooq Assistant Professor
Dr. Feriyal Amal Aslam Assistant Professor
Ms. Saadiya Razzaq (on leave) Research Economist
Mr. Raja Ajmal Jahangeer Staff Economist
Ms. Tahira Ishaq Staff Economist
Ms. Saman Nazir Staff Demographer

Division VI: Project Evaluation and Training

Head: Dr. Usman Mustafa, Professor

Dr. Anwar Hussain Assistant Professor
Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Assistant Professor
Syed Abdul Majid Research Economist
Ms. Mariam Mohsin Lecturer (Business Studies)
Mr. Saghir Musthtaq Staff Economist

Division VII: Applied Econometrics

Head: Dr. Asad Zaman, Vice Chancellor

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Chief of Research
Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javed Head, Department of Economics
Dr. Hasan Muhammad Mohsin Head, Department of Economics & Finance
Dr. Amena Urooj Assistant Professor (Econometrics)
Dr. Hafsa Hina Assistant Professor
Ms. Naghmana Ghani Research Economist
Ms. Samina Nazli Research Economist
Mr. Jafar Hussain Research Economist
Mr. Azkar Ahmad Research Economist
Mr. Muhammad Javid Research Economist
Ms. Zainab Iftikhar Research Economist
Mr. Muhammad Ramzan Lecturer (Economics)
Mr. Pervaiz Akhtar Associate Staff Economist
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