Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

Economics and Econometrics

At PIDE, faculty and researchers are trained in economic theory and applied economic analysis. PIDE being a leading economic research institute understands the importance of extending knowledge in the fields of Economics and Econometrics at an academic level. The department of Economics and Econometrics provides an excellent environment for research and teaching and strongly believes in values like integrity, intellectual rigor, creativity, and academic diversity. We offer four academic programs, i.e. MPhil in Economics, MPhil in Econometrics, PhD in Economics and PhD in Econometrics. MPhil in both of the discipline is a two-year program which not only prepares the theoretical foundations of students but also requires them to undertake a research thesis in the final year. The PhD program in Economics is now 20 years old program which prepares students to make significant contribution in the field of Economics. Likewise, the PhD program in Econometrics focuses on teaching and research in econometric theories, methodological and conceptual issues and the relevant statistical methods applied to socially relevant economic issues and policies. In both of the programs, after completing the core courses, the students are required to pass their comprehensive examinations in order to progress to the research stage. The department of Economics and Econometrics consists of senior faculty members trained in the leading universities of the world, with significant research and teaching experience. Our alumnae serve at various private, public and multinational organizations including consultancy firms, non-governmental organizations, the Ministry of Finance, the State Bank of Pakistan, the World Bank, IMF besides having academic positions in leading universities of the country.