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Economic Recovery: Investment, Employment, Productivity
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Economic Recovery: Investment, Employment, Productivity

Publication Year : 2023

Table of Contents

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PIDE’s Charter of Economy

Economic Recovery: Investment, Employment & Productivity

Evolving a Limited and Responsible Federal Govt: 14 Point Fiscal Charter. – Ali Salman

The Seven Deadly Sins of Pakistan’s Economic Managers. – Murtaza Syed

Pakistan’s Economic Recovery: The Way Forward. – Hadia Majid

Privatisation and Power. – Taimur Rahman

Adjustment with an Austere Face. – Pervez Tahir

Recovering from Current Economic Woes. – Karim Khan

Current Affairs & International Relations

Reimaging Economics in the Pakistan Context. – Nasim Beg

Pakistan’s Historical Neglect of Gilgit- Baltistan. – Mudabbir Akhund

Pakistan’s Freakonomics Words, Woes and Way Out. – Maryam Khan

Reaping the Benefits of Consistent Policy Measures. – Asif Inam


Should Pakistan’s Institutions Be Depoliticised

Depoliticisation of Institutions: The Way Forward. – Shahid Kardar

No Pretending about Politics. – Aasim Sajjad Akhtar


Policy Vs Technology. – Hussain Nadim

A Case for Student Unions in Pakistan. – Tooba Syed

Teach them the Truth: Nothing but the Truth. – Fida Muhammad Khan

Khandaan, Khaanaa and Finding my Footing in the Pakistani Diaspora. – Ayesha Le Breton

The Plight of Persons with Disabilities – Hussain Odhwani


The Conundrum of 711 CE. – Muhammad Huzaifa Nizam

Contextualizing Literary Censorship in Pakistan. The legacy of Colonial Penal Code. – Fatima Z. Naveed


The European Union’s Textile Waste & used Clothing in Pakistan. – Shahid Sattar & Noreen Akhtar

Firm Productivity in Pakistan: Challenges & Way Forward. – Waqas Ahmed


Pakistan’s Complicated Relationship with Diaspora Footballers. – Muneeb Farrukh

Arts and Culture

Pakistan’s Craft Industry Reflects the Country’s Own History. – Mehr Husain

Tiktok Polis: A City for Gen-Z. – Hammad Bilal

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