Pakistan Institute of Development Economics



Governance, Globalisation, and Human Development in Pakistan

Author: Naved Ahmad

The controversy over the likely effects of globalisation on economic wellbeing is well debated in the literature, yet the subject remains open for further examination. One can easily relate anything to the concept of globalisation, as it is so broad, diverse, vague and volatile. The word globalisation has been used in different context and with so many different connotations. When people use the word globalisation they mean what they choose it to mean. A large number of studies have been conducted to ascertain the effects of globalisation on third world economies including Pakistan. Many scholars, despite recognising the need for globalisation as an impetus to economic growth, blame that the process of globalisation has divided the world into two classes: rich and poor. In this paper we attempt to show that bad governance has reduced the benefits of globalisation in Pakistan. We approach this task by first defining the term globalisation and its various components. Second, we investigate the relationship between governance and the benefits of globalisation.

Naved Ahmad