Pakistan Institute of Development Economics



Vol. 60 No.3-2021
2021,Vol. 60, No.3
Table of Contents

An Analysis of Pakistan’s Agricultural Commodities based on Effective Protection Rate and Its Decomposition 
Etzaz Ahmad, Maha Ahmad, and Ghulam Saghir 

Non-tariff Measures, Overall Protection and Export Competitiveness: Evidence from Pakistan and Regional Countries
Irfan Aleem and Bushra Faizi
pp. 251–282

Experimental Evidence on Public Good Behaviour across Pakistan’s Fractured Educational System
Zehra Aftab
pp. 283–307

The Spatial Effects of Road Infrastructure on Employment in Pakistan: Quantifying the Role of Complementary Factors
Saima Nawaz, Saba Anwar, and Nasir Iqbal
pp. 309–330

Endurance or Submission: How Terrorism Frame Households’ Time Allocation? 
Miraj Ul Haq, Iftikhar Ahmad, And Annum Hussain
pp. 331–352


The Nuisance of Own Money in Automobile Purchases 
Mohammad Shaaf Najib And Usman Qadir
pp. 353-357

Don’t Fall in Love with Parity: Understanding Exchange Rate Depreciation
Abdul jalil
pp. 359-365


Remove Service Charge on IBFTs to Encourage Digital Transactions
Mohammad Shaaf Najib
pp. 367–372

Policy Insights to Maritime Economy in Pakistan
Afrasiyab Gul And Vice Admiral (R) Khawar Ali Shah
pp. 373–384


Tax Reforms in Pakistan: Historic and Critical View
Huzaima Bukhari and Ikramul Haq
pp. 150-153

Dec 2021

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