Pakistan Institute of Development Economics


Project Evaluation and Training Division

The Project Evaluation and Training Division (PE&TD) is one of the important components of PIDE. The Division is mainly concerned with project evaluation and training. It is now well recognized and emphasised by local as well as international organizations that project must be result oriented i.e. out put must be linked with outcomes. The project evaluation process ensures the cost-effective accomplishment of all stages of a project. The projects should be well documented and lesson learnt be incorporated in new projects. Keeping in view the significance of projects, PE&TD planed, coordinate, and organized training related to project management which includes project planning, appraisal, monitoring and evaluation.

Training and Human Resource Development is not only imperative for project but also plays a vital role in the economic development. Therefore, the PE&TD aims to fulfil the requirements for formulation and implementation of successful projects that are necessary for professional development and economic growth of the country. The Division is organizing specialized training courses/workshops for in-service officials like development practitioners working in public, private sector or non-governmental organizations. Training increases knowledge, enhances skills, bring positive change in attitude and contributes to capacity building. It is a continuous process which is necessary for the effective and efficient application of the designated duties or preparing/running any project or program. The Division also provides special tailor made training courses parallel with its regular training programs through out the year. In the recent past, this section has remained successful in attracting various trainings projects from UNDP, World Bank, Planning and Development Division, IUCN, ADB, GTZ, DFID, SDC, USAID and BHC.

Conducive and friendly environment is necessary for healthy teaching and learning. PIDE provides its participants with the state of the art technology to make the process of learning interesting, accommodative and comfortable. PIDE is situated at a beautiful scenic view at the foothill of Margala Hills in the Quaid-i-Azam University Campus, Islamabad. It has modern, up to date and well equipped lecture and seminar rooms. The air conditioned lecture rooms have overhead projectors and facility of audio/video conferencing. With state of the art computer lab and internet facilities, participants are induced to do their practical exercises. PIDE library is famous for its rich collection of international books, reports and articles. It also provides number of search engines, which help lot to the trainees for completion of their assignments. Experience shows that professionals benefit most from a program of study that stresses the application of analytical tools to the solution of practical problems. Keep abreast of and incorporated new training tools and methodologies is the main focus of the training program. It encourages healthy participatory approach during sessions, special emphasis on practical and field trips, and encouragement of computer applications. Training program engages experts both from government as well as private sector. Emphasis is laid upon team building and group work. Upon the successful completion of the training course, the trainees are given the training material in the form of CDs/manual, handouts, PIDE souvenir and a group picture along with the course completion certificate. The training normally consists of four sessions of one and a half hours, which also includes one practical session.


The overall objective of the division is to provide quality trainings which are in line with the market and organizational needs. It also aims at providing best competitive environment for participants in various training courses.