Pakistan Institute of Development Economics


Trade as Part of the Solution to Climate Change

Date : Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 06:00 PM PST
Panelists :

Mahesh Sugathan, Trade and Environment Specialist, World Bank
Saleha Asif, Cheif Executive Officer, Pakistan Textile Council
Asad Soorty, Director, Soorty Enterprises

Speaker :

Paul Brenton, Lead Economist, World Bank
Vicky Chemutai, Young Professional, World Bank

During this webinar we will present and discuss the latest World Bank report on Trade and Environment: “The Trade and Climate Change Nexus” by Paul Brenton and Vicky Chemutai.

While trade indeed contributes to climate change, it remains a central part of the solution—by facilitating both mitigation and adaptation. This report explores the different ways in which trade and climate change intersect and confronts a number of myths concerning the two phenomena. The report focuses on the impacts of, and adjustments to, climate change in developing countries and on how future trade opportunities will be affected by both the changing climate and the policy responses to address it. It also discusses how trade provides the goods and services that can drive mitigation and adaptation, and the new opportunities for promoting trade diversification in the transition to a low-carbon world. Suitable trade and environmental policies can offer the right economic incentives for attaining both sustainable growth and poverty reduction through trade.

The focus of the panel discussion will be on:

  • Pakistan’s incentive framework towards environmentally preferrable goods. What does the evidence tell us?
  • How can the private sector get ready to make trade work for climate change mitigation and adaptation?

How can the public sector get ready?