Cities and UrbanizationP&R Volume 2, Issue 1

P & R Vol.2 Issue 1
Publication Year : 2021
  1. Vice Chancellor’s Message
  2. Editorial
  3. Cover Story
    Cars, Cars Everywhere
  4. Interviews
    1. Arif Hassan ,
    2. Reza Ali,
    3. Babar Mumtaz
    4. Shahrukh Wani
  5. Webinars & Articles
    1. Lahore’s Urban dilemma
    2. Pakistan’s Urban Policy: Turning Cities Into Slums
    3. Construction package: Not a silver bullet!
    4. Webinar: I. Cities for humanity and development
    5. Webinar: II. Cities for humanity and development
    6. Webinar: III. Cities for humanity and development
    7. Webinar: IV. Cities for humanity and development
    8. Webinar: V. Construction
    9. The opportunity of dead capital
    10. Urban enigma: Becoming of today’s Karachi
    11. Islamabad: Is it the city of future?
    12. No more master plans, Please!
    13. Mobility and social outlook
    14. Edward Dodson on Rentier privilege
    15. The lesson of Anandi
    16. The Pakistan Paradox
    17. Lahore’s OmniBus
    18. HHI Index for Competition in Car Industry of Pakistan
    19. Why does the myth of rural Pakistan persist?
    20. Construction without real estate development
    21. Spading the real estate industry in Pakistan.
  6. Supplement
    Making exports a policy priority: nothing mercantilist about it