Pakistan Institute of Development Economics



Vol. 61 No.1-2022

2022,Vol. 61, No.1

Table of Contents


Zafar Hayat and Saher Masood
Inflation Targeting Skepticism: Myth or Reality? A Way Forward for Pakistan
pp. 1-28

Ammar Malik, Edmund Zolnik, and Omar Riaz
Effect of Urban Land Use on Travel Behaviour: Evidence from Lahore
pp. 29-44

Fayyaz Hussain and Mehak Ejaz
Effectiveness of the Exchange Rate Channel in Monetary Policy Transmission in Pakistan
pp. 45-68

R. K. Jena
Investigating Barriers to Growth of Disabled Entrepreneurs in India: A DEMATEL-based Approach
pp. 69-84

Ghulam Mustafa, Nasir Iqbal, and Faiz ur Rehman
Evaluating the Short Run and Long Run Impacts of Unconditional
Cash Transfers on Food-Seeking Behaviour: New Insights from BISP, Pakistan
pp. 85-102


Iftikhar Ahmed
35th AGM Proceedings

Opportunity to Excel: Now and the Future (Presidential Address)
pp. 105-108
Institutional Development (Quaid-i-Azam Lecture)
pp. 109-111
Evolution of Technology and the Driving Forces (Invited Lecture: Key Takeaways)
pp. 112
Pakistan Must Position Itself to Benefit from AI, Automation, and Bio-engineering or Risk Losing Out (Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Lecture: Key Messages)
pp. 113-114
Is Pakistan Ready for the New Normal (Invited Lecture: Key Takeaways)
pp. 115-117
Technology, Globalisation and A Need for A New Model of Development (Mahboob ul Haq Lecture: Key Takeaways)
pp. 118-120
Opportunities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Allama Iqbal Lecture: Key Takeaways)
pp. 120-121
New Frontiers in Behavioural Science: Scarcity, Nudge, Sludge and Social Norms (M.L Qureshi Memorial Lecture: Key Takeaways)
pp. 121-125
Opportunities to Excel (Panel Discussion)
pp. 126-127
Opportunities: The Role of State (Panel Discussion)
pp. 128-130
Opportunities for Firms to Grow (Panel Discussion)
pp. 130-133
Shaping Success in Creative Arts and Media (Panel Discussion)
pp. 133-134
Opportunities Now (Panel Discussion)
pp. 134-136
Disruptions: The Future of Work (Panel Discussion)
pp. 136-137


The Assumed Shortage of Housing in Pakistan
pp. 139-143

Shahid Mehmood
Ameliorating Drug Shortages in Pakistan
pp. 145-148


Nadeem Ul Haque, Mahboob Mahmood, Shahbano Abbas, Ali Lodhi. The University Research System In Pakistan (Books)
The University Research System in Pakistan
Reviewed by Fida Muhammad Khan and Aqeel Anwar Chaudhry
pp. 149-152

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