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Lubna Hasan

Senior Research Economist

About Me 

“I am a Senior Research Economist at Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Pakistan. I have written on topics of Macroeconomics, Governance, Public Policy and Cities. I have published in Journals of International repute.”

Area of Interest:
Governance, Cities, Public Policy


MS in Development Studies, International Institute of Social Studies, the Hague, 1997

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Contribution to PIDE Research

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December 2022

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March 2020

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January 2020

Akhtar Hasan Khan. The Impact of Privatisation in Pakistan. Ferozsons (Pvt). Ltd. 2012. (Shorter Notices-2012-1)

February 2012

Muhammad Irfan. Institutional Barriers to Sustainable Urban Transport in Pakistan. Karachi: Oxford University Press. 2010. xxi+298 pages. Pak Rs 795. Hardbound.

September 2011

Macroeconomic Brief No. 1

January 2010

On Measuring the Complexity of Urban Living

January 2008

An Anatomy of State Failures in Forest Management in Pakistan

December 2007

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October 2007

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February 2007

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Myths and Realities of Long-run Development: A Look aft Deeper Determinants 

January 2006

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December 1995

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December 1992