Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

Nasir Iqbal
Associate Professor

About Me 

For the past fourteen years, I have worked in the areas of trade, governance, development and the design and implementation of social protection programs. I am currently an Associate Professor at PIDE. In the past, I led the research wing of Pakistan’s largest social protection program, BISP. I dealt with the design and implementation of macroeconomic models, socio-economic surveys, as well as quality assurance and data analysis of social protection programs.

Area of Interest:
Social Protection, Poverty and Migration

Area of Specialization:
Trade, Poverty, Governance, Design and Policy Specialist, Social Protection


PhD Economics, PIDE, Pakistan

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Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

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September 2023

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A Review of Accountability Systems: Learning from Best Practices

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Evaluating the Short Run and Long Run Impacts of Unconditional Cash Transfers on Food-Seeking Behaviour: New Insights from BISP, Pakistan (Article)

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Role of the Middleman & Neglected Aspects

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COVID-19, Irregular Migration and Asymmetrical Dependency

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December 2020

Economic Cost of Political Conflict

December 2020

Rent-seeking Opportunities and Economic Growth in Transitional Economies

December 2020

Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Growth Role of Democratic Institutions

December 2020

Irregular Migration During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Wheat Support Price: A Note For Policy Makers

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Minimum Support Price (MSP) of Wheat and Inflation

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Covid-19 and Pakistan’s Economy Recovery Scenarios for Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021

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January 2020

CPEC: phases and challenges

January 2020

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Economic cost of political conflict

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Time for a rethink

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Determinants of Expansion of Micro and Small Firms and State of Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

January 2019

Streamlining the EAC

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Ten million jobs

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Determinants of Housing Demand in Urban Areas of Pakistan: Evidence from the PSLM

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Spatial Differences and Socioeconomic Determinants of Health Poverty

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Pakistan’s Bilateral Trade under MFN and SAFTA: Do Institutional and Non-Institutional Arrangements Matter?

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Socio-Economic Losses of Flood and Household’s Coping Strategies: Evidence from Flood Prone District of Pakistan

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Spatial Differences and Socio-economic Determinants of Health Poverty

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Rent Seeking Opportunities and Economic Growth in Transitional Economies

May 2013

Fiscal Decentralisation and Economic Growth: Role of Democratic Institutions

September 2012

Macroeconomic Brief No. 2

April 2011

The Persistence and Transition of Rural Poverty in Pakistan: 1998-2004 

January 2011

Fred Gault. Innovation Strategies for Global Economy: Development, Implementation, Measurement and Management. (Shorter Notices-2010-2)

May 2010

Determinants of Urban Poverty: The Case of Medium Sized City in Pakistan

January 2010

Employers Size Wage Differential: Does Investment in Human Capital Matter?

December 2009

Investment, Inflation and Economic Growth Nexus

December 2009

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May 2007