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Afia Malik

Senior Research Economist

About Me 

Afia Malik is a Senior Research Economist in Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), Islamabad. She received her master’s degree in Economics of Development at the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague. Passionate researcher with 30 plus years of experience in various research projects. Current research interests are in energy economics and regulatory economics. She has several publications on critical national issues, including power crisis, circular debt, corporate governance in energy companies, privatization, regulatory authorities, petroleum & gas structure and pricing, oil price shocks and their impact, and so on.

Area of Interest

Energy, Regulation


Masters in Economics of Development, 1996

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Contribution to PIDE Research

Local Coal for Power Generation in Pakistan (Policy)

November 2023

Pakistan’s Nuclear Energy Outlook

October 2023

Local Coal For Power Generation In Pakistan

October 2023

Challenges and Reforms in Pakistan’s Gas Sector

October 2023

Decoupling of energy and growth in Pakistan

September 2023

Power sector woes

August 2023

Effective electricity regulation

August 2023

Managing energy imports to save forex reserves

June 2023

Electricity Tariff Design: A Survey (Policy)

February 2023

Imf Programme And Energy Crisis

February 2023

Power System And Blackouts

February 2023

Legal basis for uniform electricity tariff

December 2022

Electricity Distribution Failing: Is Privatization a Solution?

December 2022

NEPRA Amendment in Net-metering Regulation

October 2022

Effectiveness of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority

September 2022

Gas Crisis In Pakistan

September 2022

Electricity Tariff Design: A Survey

August 2022

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA)

February 2022

Thoughts on Integrated Generation Capacity Expansion Plan (IGCEP) 2021-30

February 2022

Privatisation of Electricity Distribution Companies—A Way Forward?

February 2022

Power Sector: Effective Regulation not Regulatory Burden

January 2022

Thoughts on Urban Resilience and Utility Services

November 2021

Urban Resilience and its Impact on Electricity Provision in Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar

November 2021

Corporate Governance in the State-Owned Electricity Distribution Companies

September 2021

Gas and Petroleum Market Structure and Pricing

May 2021

In power projects: History, Policy and Politics

Developing Electricity Market

Unlocking Energy Innovations

Energy Productivity for sustainable development

Circular debt – an Unfortunate Misnomer (P & R Vol.2 Issue 5)

Pide Energy Roundtables

July 2020

The Gas System In Pakistan

July 2020

Energy Productivity for Sustainable Development – Pt II

July 2020

Energy Productivity for Sustainable Development – Pt I

July 2020

Circular Debt—an Unfortunate Misnomer

January 2020

An Assessment of Pakistan’s Export Performance and the Way Forward

September 2017

Power Crisis In Pakistan: A Crisis In Governance?

January 2012

Crude Oil Price, Monetary Policy and Output: The Case of Pakistan

December 2008

Manoranjan Mohanty, Richard Baum, Rong Ma, George Mathew (eds.). Grassroots Democracy in India and China: The Right to Participate.(Shorter Notices-2008-1)

February 2008

How Pakistan Is Coping with the Challenge of High Oil Prices

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Effectiveness of Regulatory Structure in the Power Sector of Pakistan

January 2007

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Demand for Textile and Clothing Exports of Pakistan

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