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Uzma Zia

Senior Research Economist

About Me 

“I have been working with the public sector, academia, and a research institution since last 20 years. My current research and policy work focuses on Macro economic issues, trade & industrial organization, Policy & Development concerns (including key aspects of Agriculture, Project management & policy based project planning, investment, retail and commerce). I have an understanding of complexities involved in policy making and macro-economic issues. Having knowledge of different data sets I can work on market dynamics. Time to time I have been involved in teaching various subjects of Economics and trained students in research. I have supervised various MPhil level thesis. I contribute regularly to journals, conferences, policy briefs , knowledge briefs and blogs. I have rich experience of using/teaching statistical soft-wares and mentoring students. ”

Areas of interest
Trade, Markets, Policy & Competitiveness issues and Macroeconomic issues


“M.Sc Economics, 1997
International Islamic University Islamabad.

M.Phil Economics, 2010
PIDE, Islamabad.

Ph.D Economics
FUUAST, Islamabad Campus.

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April 2019

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February 2010

Does Governance Contribute to Pro-poor Growth? Evidence from Pakistan (PIDE Working Papers 2009:52)

January 2009

Dimensions of Well-being and the Millennium Development Goals

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Noureddine Berrah, Fei Feng, Roland Priddle, and Leiping Wang. Sustainable Energy in China: The Closing Window of Opportunity. (Shorter Notices-2007-2)

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